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Psvane / WE Series / WE274B

Psvane / WE Series / WE274B

WE 274B
The true value of PSVANE WE274B is to tell everybody:
Only the legend can surpass the legend.
Following the world’s first Western Electric 300B, PSVANE renew the work to a peak.
Four places (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States) have worked for 18 months simultaneously to revise the sound and determine the nature. PAVANE is the sole new vacuum tube which in the true sense inherits the romantic charm of Western Electric, but only one tenth price of it. 

This is absolutely not one of, but just the best rectifier tube you’ve ever heard!
Our product 274B is the only one in the world which completely reproduces the engraved Western Electric 274B of 1940s. There is no any compromise in every procedure, including the material, structure, technology, and sound performance etc.
We master the exclusive information of the original design drawing and sealed formula, and in full compliance with all the details of its requirement, such as the temperature and humility of the production chain and so on.


      Glass shell eight feet directly heated full-wave rectifier,274B is very similar with 5U4G and 5Z3P, which can be replaced by each other.


If…………… 2.5A

 Maximum Rating

anode inverse peak voltage……………1550V
anode peak current        ………750mA

Recommend working condition

 Anode supply voltage             2×500V

Each arm impedance               75Ω

load impedance                   2000Ω

Filter capacitor                 4μF

Rectifier current                ≧220mA