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Psvane / T Series / EL84-TII

Psvane / T Series / EL84-TII

TII-Series: Positioning in exceeding totally, not only exceed all the same types of productions that always been imitating on the market, but also to exceed itself. 

 EL84-TII is high transconductance pentode, used as class A1, AB1 and B in audio amplifier.

Uf—————————–6.3 V
If———————————-0.76 A

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances

input————————–10.8 PF
output—————————–6.5 PF
grid to plate———————-0.5 PF
grid to filament—————-0.25 PF

 Static parameter

Ua———————————–256 V
Ug2———————————-256 V
Rk———————————–120 Ω
Ia————————————48 mA
Ig2———————————–7 mA
Gm———————————–≥9 mA/V
ri————————————38 KΩ

Maximum Rating
Ua————500 V
Pa——————–12 W
Ug2——————300 V
Pg2——————-2 W
Ik————————-65 mA
Ug1———————-—100 V
Uh-k(pk)—————–±100 V
with cathode bias————————1 MΩ
with fixed bias———————–0.3 MΩ

Recommended Operating Conditions(reference value)

class A1.single tube.
Ua————————250 V
Ug2—————————-250 V
Ug1—————————-—7.3 V
Rk—————————–135 Ω
RL—————————–5.2 KΩ
Ug1(r.M.S)———-0 3.4 4.3 4.7 V
Ia(0)—————48 — — — mA
Ia(mAx.sig)———-— — 49.5 49.2 mA
Ig2(0)————–5.5 — — — mA
Ig2(mAx.sig)—– —— — 10.8 11.6 mA
Gm—————-11.3 — — — mA/V
ri——————38 — — — KΩ
ug1-g2————-19 — — —
Pout—————0 4.5 5.7 6.0 W