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Psvane / Acme Series / Acme 805

Psvane / Acme Series / Acme 805

Maximum Rating
Ua———————————1500 V
Pa—————————–125 W
Recommended Operating Conditions (reference value)
class B(A-F) for two tubes
                      typical working condition    limited parameter 
Ua——————               1250     1500      1250   V
Ia (mAx.sig per tube)——————-            210     mA
Pa (in) (mAx.sig per tube)—————          315     W
Pa (per t —————————-                     125    W
Ug———————————-          —16                       V
Ug(pk)—————-           235       280                  V
Ia (0)—————–             148       84                 mA
Ia(mAx.sig)———-      500       600                  mA
Pd(mAx.sig)————       6           7                     W
RL(a—a)—————        6.7        8.2                   KΩ
Pout(mAx.sig)———–     300       370                  W

Do things better now,don’t  ask the future

What kind of experience is it when you make a vacuum tube that may be the best sound on earth?

Five years ago, when we decided to create an Acme series of audio vacuum tubes, there were countless visions for us. Like the spirit of the Voice of Nobility, our pursuit is not only the abundance and satisfaction brought by the material. We sincerely hope that the Voice of Nobility will become one of the few respected sound manufacturers in China, and also hope that we will be the same as every fancier, whether upstream or downstream,always full of passion and joy for vacuum tubes, audio, music, and life.

As a flagship product for many years, the reproduction classic series has been filled with praise from all walks of life to the Voice of Nobility.The one who want to walk ahead, the opponent is only himself—the most powerful opponent.

We know well how hard it is to make a masterpiece go beyond a hundred years of classic products, but in order to live up to the original intention and also live up to the expectations,we must go on with confidence and patience.

While mind understand thoroughly will be wisdom,and wisdom understand thoroughly will be virtue

The development and manufacture of vacuum tubes is always a multi-disciplinary and complex field, We are in awe of it, but does not mean that we are reluctant to move forward. This time, we chose to subvert the once highest honor podium: to gather the development team at home and abroad and develop the flagship product with independent intellectual property ,meantime together with the understanding and accumulation of technology by Voices of Nobility, this is the Acme series.

In the Acme Series, we have a number of patents,and also write a new chapter in our audio vacuum tube field: The very first style of high-power vacuum tube (Acme 845, 805, 211, etc.)with composite metal mesh screen pole structure in the world, graphite and metal wire mesh combined skillfully, make the sound very warm and transparent.Even at 600℃ temperature , the stress and thermal expansion coefficients of the two materials are in harmony, not only the sound is very steady, but also the power reserve and service life are also greatly increased; innovative the filament processing technology, which greatly improved the transmitting ability, possess of a voice so moving that it defied logic, such as immersive.

As the only one modern audio vacuum tube which with retro-onion glass shell styling (Acme 300B, 274B, 2a3, etc., ) all over the world, it is very beautiful from both inside and outside, tribute to the Centennial Classics; Benefit from improvement of the support structure after comprehensive consideration of the stress and harmonious vibration relationship , Acme 300B, 274B, 2a3, etc. using the suspended tube core structure, Let the sound free from shackles, full band filled with fresh music and rich details; in the design and manufacture of the tube seat, the Acme series is also very sophisticated use of all aluminum milling technology, with Teflon pedestal to achieve the perfection of the cup-holding radian, to achieve 360 °of art precipitation beauty; even such details as small as solder, we also compare with a number of well-known brands from Germany, Japan etc., select the German audio solder,then do post-processing,finally apply to our Acme series.

Unique ingenuity is to achieve every detail without regret.During the five-years research and development process, in order to select a new material which not only its parameter should meet the requirements of the vacuum tube, but also requires its excellent sound , our research team has extensive contacted with the researchers from the well-know institutions in the United States, Britain and Holland,After dozens of screening and contrast listening tests,a material was finally selected,starting from the first drawing picture ,we begin to use the industrial-grade 3D design software as aided design; In order to verify the rationality of the product, from the first time of structural test, we used 3D printing technology … All this efforts, just because of the hard work of R&D,  is unthinkable for imitation and engraved: In order to let the material, structure, craftsmanship and sound performance match with the extreme series requirement, we have finished the nearly complete update and replacement of the equipment and personnel from R & D department to high-end variety production line.

Sound in the ear and charm in the heart

At the beginning of the voice of the nobility was founded , We, the partners who loves the music, gathered together for the same dream:  hope to create the best vacuum tubes on earth by us.

The voice, which we expect is based on the infrastructure of high transparency, strong sense of 3D and natural fluency. At the same time, fully rich with music colour and appeal, and also the factors of its speed, dynamic, texture and density are enough to match the world’s top inscriptions’s requirements.

And these,can all be realized in Acme series.

Remember that at the first time, When we compared our Acme 300B with the 98 year edition of AB from the original manufacture of West Electric in the United States, we are impressed deeply by the Acme 300B, its purity and sense of transparency like the beautiful blue sky. The singer’s expression is vivid. It seems that who,himself is within reach. Even in the strongest mid frequency part of WE300B,In terms of the density, texture and of Acme 300B can also keep the same extremly sense as WE300B. While Acme 300B has much more wider and deeper sound field performance, it is more admirable than its opponent. More than that, like WE300B, Acme 300B has the same classical tone and analog flavor.

And whenever we show Acme 845, in addition to praise, always make the audience wonder: from the day of the birth of the 845 vacuum tube, there has never been such a detailed, pure and transparent voice. The bigger the power, the worse the sound quality is, which is an insurmountable law of physics. But this time, Acme 845 completely subverted the past impression of itself: It completely retained the strength, powerful power, strong atmosphere and strong control of 845. The transformation and transition of high and low scale are also very clear and natural even with very high speed. During the  interpretation of small classical works and voice, spotless, with great accuracy and purity sophistication,direct emotional expression, gorgeous and noble tone, gave the 845 vacuum tubes with unprecedented labels. And all of these are only belongs to the top audio sound qualities.

Listening quietly  Soul hunting

The course of five years of development is also a spiritual journey for every one of us. This road, many times we asked ourselves,whether it is reckless to face difficulties and surrender to setbacks; this road, we regard love as faith, sing in the valley; this road, we are always grateful, and dream gradually approaching… We are still on the road. Although we are no longer young, we hope that we will still be young after sailing.

To pay tribute to everyone who still has dreams.