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We are the official authorized agent of Psvane.

About Psvane:

Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and the sales of audio tubes. We have a professional manufacturing team and the top designing level in the industry. All the items have passed the ISO9000 Quality System Certification. Our main product, PSVANE, is the world’s leading brand of audio tubes. With severapatented technologies adopted, its outputs and sales rank front in the world.
Our company currently has three series of tubes: HI-FI series, T series and Reproducing Classics series. We have the capacities of designing and producing all kinds of audio tubes, especially have advantages in the field of reproducing, researching and sound performance revising of the high-end products. WE300B, the first product reproducing the Western Electric, was born in our company and since then established a benchmark of the top tubes. “Sophisticated, precise and lean” is our product concept. The design, details and the quality of the products are always focused on in our factory — We’d like to “Be the best one and never compromise”.
We hold the concept of “Born for the music” and apply ourselves completely to the product development of the quality and sound performance, as well as the listening experience of our users. Over 90% items are exported to more than ten countries and regions overseas and well received by the customers.

Chapter one
This is a moment to change the world’s tube picture:
In May 2011, Changsha Hengyang Electronics CO., LTD was founded;
In July 2011, the manufacturing base was established in Changsha;
In August 2011, PSVANE’s first tube—-845 was rolled off;
In September 2011, PSVANE 845 series began to supply our products to some main tube amplifier enterprises at home and abroad.
In October 2011, Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd. wholly owned acquisition of a famous tube production enterprise in southern China, which sent shock waves through the industry.
In November 2011, PSVANE HIFI series (300B, 2A3, EL34, KT88, 5881, 6SN7, 274B and so on) were officially rolled off.
In November 2011, the company got the ability to develop and produce three series that cover more than 50 types of tubes. The whole strength and production-marketing scale are among the world’s top four, which is unprecedented in the industry. The foreign media said that “the future of the world’s tubes is in China, and the future of Chinese tubes is in Hengyang”. 

Chapter Two
This is a pure dream:
We are going to make the best tubes in the world.
We always make innovations of our products but not only copy.
We require ourselves to have both sense of beauty appreciation like artists and carefulness like craftsmen.
We preserve our Chinese dexterity and wisdom quality but also learn controlling from Japanese and rigours from Germans.
Everyday the unqualified products are destroyed immediately when they are offline, since inferior-quality items are not allowed to exist in our company.
Every item is produced according to the traditional complex handwork methods, since there is no compromise in our concept.
Every customer’s listening feeling is concerned much here, since we believe our tubes are born only for music.
The dream is not unreachable.
In November 2011, PSVANE Reproducing Classic Series came to the market overseas and caused a sensation.
In November 2011, PSVANE HIFI series fully entered to the retailing market aboard and well received by customers from the middle and low-end market because it has better sound, appearance, stability and cost performance than other brands.
As of November 2011, our tubes of the three series are well accepted by users from more than 20 countries. With the core and top products (HIFI series and Reproducing Classic series) appearing to the market, the number of users increased exponentially.

Chapter Three:  New Start

In May 2014, Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd entered into Jiahai Industrial Park, which means has turned into a new page.

Then, our company has produced three series that cover more than 50 types of tubes and sold to more than 60 countries at home and abroad. Meanwhile, PSVANE brand and products has had created many firsts: according to the statistics, the sales of PSVANE items—high- end sound tubes in Taobao and ebay always toped the list, which exceeded Europe rivals more than 20 percentage points;It has been evaluated and said by HK professional media that PSVANE was honored “the best music tasted tube”, and which swept the ever rough, mediocre and empty-meaning appearance of tubes; Even though our price is always the highest, with its unique and delicate sound performance, PSVANE still occupied the main markets such as Chinese mainland, HK, Japan and always topped in the field of high- end tubes selling.

Many people ask “what is the meaning of PSVANE brand?”.

The answer is “to chase the real noble spirit rather than noble live”. 

Noble spirit consists of cores that are made up of several values such as honor, responsibility, courage, self- discipline and so on. Rich is to wealth whereas noble is to spirit. Noble spirit represents the respect to humanity, the dignity of group, as well as the behavior, low key and undertake of individual. We face competitions bravely but delivered a more elegant way, which is the meaning we want to express. 

 Also, noble spirit has a strong sense of master and social responsibility, which is being displayed completely in our team: even though we are not rich, we posses noble spirit, that is, live elegantly and dignifiedly. We will not be perfidious and unscrupulous to chase immediate interest. We care for our partners and show respect to our rivals. We cherish honor and face the obstacles bravely. We are self discipline but have free soul and independent thinking. 

It’s just a beginning
Our team members will continue to try our best together to reach the dream with a grateful heart.
What we are sharing are humanity, friendship and fighting.
And what we are annotating are nature, affinity and moving feeling.